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A flatweave rug is created by interlacing (vertical) warps and (horizontal) weft threads. This results in a rug without knots and piles. Depending on the thickness of the yarn, flatweave rugs have a total height that starts at only 5 mm. 

Our flatweave rugs are made of 100% New Zealand wool. Pure wool has a beneficial effect on the indoor temperature throughout the year. It’s cool in summer and warm in winter.

Flatweave rugs come in a magnificent variety of colors and patterns. You might go for rectangular colorful designs to create a nomadic look and feel or for simple, yet timeless patterns in geometric formed shapes.

- Lightweight and easy to roll for storage
- Easy to maintain and clean
- Flat
- No shedding

- 100% New Zealand wool

Where to use
- All low traffic areas like guestrooms and residences.

The Chedi Andermatt Spa

Flatweave rugs in the spa area of The Chedi Andermatt hotel in Switserland


Ambacht 2
5301 KW Zaltbommel
The Netherlands
T: (+31) 418 65 4858

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